WBCM Construction Services


Owner's Rep SERVICES

  • Project Management and Oversight:
    The firm provides professional project management and oversight services, ensuring that a client’s construction project is executed in accordance with the project scope, budget, and schedule.
  • Contract and Budget Management:
    Contract and budget management, ensuring that all construction costs are properly accounted for and that contracts are executed in accordance with industry standards.
  • Risk Management:
    Risk management services and analysis, identifying and mitigating potential risks throughout the construction process to protect a client’s interests and ensure a successful outcome.
  • Communication and Coordination:
    Serve as a liaison between the client, the design team, the construction team, and other stakeholders, ensuring that all parties are informed and on the same page throughout the construction process. This includes regular reporting and communication to keep the client informed and up to date on the status of the project.
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